Splinting Materials

Blessing Cathay Corporation is the only maker supplying various patient immobilization accessories in Taiwan for more than 30 years. We offer a wide selection of thermoplastic materials for orthopedics and hand therapy because the hands that need healing are just as unique as the hands that do the healing.
We provide the following recommendations as general guide for selecting low-temperature thermoplastics. Please notice that some special circumstances and the clinician's preference could make one thermoplastic material more appropriate than another.
To order our splinting materials, you can simply tell us the catalog numbers #, such as # AC321W, or telling us what kind of splinting you are looking for so we can meet your different clinical needs.

General Feature Guide for Your Reference

Materials Features
Resistance Drape Memory Bonding Transparency
AC Moderate Low V Easy V
BC Minimum High V Non-Sticky Opaque
EC Minimum High No Memory Non-Sticky Opaque
FC Minimum High V Moderate V
MC Moderate Moderate V Moderate V
OC Maximun Low No Memory Easy Opaque
PC Moderate Moderate V Moderate V
QC Moderate High V Easy Translucent
RC Maximum Low V Easy Opaque

Minimum Resistance
Hand splints require a material that has a low resistance to stretch. However, there are some special cases in which a small splint requires a material has a higher resistance to stretch; for example, when it against gravity or spasticity.

Moderate Resistance
Medium-sized splints and orthotics, such as wrist splints, elbow splints, neck collars and keen splints, require a material with a moderate amount of resistance to stretch, such as AquaCast series.

Maximum Resistance
Most large applications, such as back braces, foot drop splints, leg braces and spasticity splints, require a material with high resistance to stretch.

AquaCast™ - Classical Version

AquaCast - Classical provides moderate stretch and rigidity. Non-draping and high degree of control. It can be worked aggressively without fingerprints. Transparent when heated.
Colors : White, Beige & Pastel Blue     

AquaCast™ - Quick Version

AquaCast - Quick provides quick molding speed and can be softened after heating as translucent. It can be stretched easily with excellent drapability and conforms well to contours for an intimate fit.
Colors : White, Beige & Pastel Blue     

AquaCast™ - Fuzzy Version

Single-sided soft fur surface which can replace the padding and lining materials required for traditional splint. Excellent skin touch when wearing. Reduce hair stickiness and discomfort caused by high temperature during molding.
Colors : White, Royal Blue     

AquaCast™ - Magic Version

This material is the optimal AquaCast™ combination of intimate conformability and resistant stretch. The moderate resistance and bonding suits joints such as elbows & ankles that need to be stretched.
Colors : White, Royal Blue     

AquaCast™ - Performance Version

Performance version is available in a range of thickness and perforation and in a choice of instant-bonding or non-stick surface. It also provides sufficient working time for shaping and modification.
Colors : White     


BlessingCast™ is a rigid and light-weight thermoplastic that does not shrink. It provides all necessary features to achieve excellent molding results. Due to enhanced drape, it follows the exact contours of the treated surface. 100% memory allows repeated reheating and economical splint revisions. Available in non-stick & moderate stick surface.
Colors : White     


EasyCast™ is a material with excellent drapability and can be stretched easily. Due to the minimum resistance, it can be easily fitted to the body contours and formed in a gravity-assisted position. It is ideal for clients with pain or irritation and suitable for complicated children’s splints.
Colors : White, Beige     

OrthoCast™ - Classical Version

A rubber-like material has extremely rigidity. The maximum resistance of stretch provides a high degree of control. It can be worked aggressively without fingerprints. Edges trim easily. The ideal material to use for the lower limbs and large splints.
Colors : White, Silver     

OrthoCast™ - Resilient Version

The characteristics are similar with the classical OrthoCast™ but provides better conformability.
Colors : White, Silver     

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