Tumble Forms System

# TFV-2784    Deluxe Vestibulator II System

Offers your facility all the benefits of a ceiling suspension system without the installation costs and concerns. It has the capacity to accommodate myriad therapy modules for vestibular, neurodevelopmental, and sensory integration therapy. When used with various accessories, the Deluxe System provides vertical stimulation and direct flexion, linear acceleration, rotational experiences, and complete range of motion exercises. It incorporates a 360° vertical rotation system for a smooth, unrestricted ROM to create vertical and rotational stimulation at the same time. Overall floor dimensions: 9'11"W x 6'5"D. Overall height is 7'0".     

# TFT-2882     Deluxe Turtle Therapy System

Ideal for any clinical program, the Deluxe Turtle is a complete therapy system designed for vestibular stimulation and sensory integration therapy. Maximum weight 250 lbs.
Includes: Rocking Turtle dome, Padded scooter, T-stool attachment, Net swing with rope and ascender, Complete Turtle methods manual.

# TFB-2769    Neuro Developmental Training Balls

For developing vestibular response and balance, and for exercise. The smallest ball is designed for rolling, pushing, throwing and kicking; the largest has a rigid core to prevent “bottoming out.”

# TFB-2769S : 11" Diameter,   # TFB-2769M : 16" Diameter,   # TFB-2769L : 22" Diameter

# TFR-4163B    Barrel Crawl/Roll

By gently rocking the barrel, the therapist can produce a rhythmic movement experience for the child. In time, the child can learn to shift his weight in order to roll the barrel.
Inside diameter 12", outside is 22". 250 lb. weight capacity.

# TFB-4811    Soft-Top Rocker Balance

Foam-cushioned top is nonslip and nonabrasive, providing sure footing during rocker/balance exercises. Unit wipes clean and will not mar floors or walls. Recessed sides protect fingers against pinching. Measures 18" x 24" x 6". Weight capacity 150 lbs.

# TFB-4813D    Vestibular Board

Heavy plywood top has a gray, removable, washable, nylon/tricot fabric cover and measures
60"L x 30"W. Maximum weight capacity 150 lbs. Legs fold inward for easy storage.

# TFB-819401    Rocker Balance Board

Made of solid wood covered with durable nonslip Tumble Forms 2 coating. Maximum weight capacity 100 lbs. Measures 19" square x 4"H.

# TFB-4807E    Balance Beam

Six-foot reversible beam is covered with durable, sturdy Tumble Forms 2 nonslip surface. May be positioned so width is 3" or 6". Top is 7" from the floor. 200 lb wt. capacity. Weighs 28 lbs.

# TFS-4814B    Scooter

Tumble Forms scooter board is child friendly padded scooter board that helps develop children’s "Neuromotor" control as they propel themselves in any direction.
Diameter : 24" ,    Weight capacity : 100 lbs.

# TFL-2798    Universal Side Lyer

Minimizes the time therapist, teacher or aide needs to monitor the positioning of neurologically impaired children. The 42"L x 23"W base is angled upward so gravity helps position the child. Two soft, easy-to-use straps permit infinite adjustment. Seamless, soft upholstery is urine- proof and easy to clean. Two block modules (3" x 5" x 11") can be used as a headrest or for leg abduction (not included). Universal Side Lyer is 14"D. Backrest is 9"H.

# TFW-556153    Weighted Blanket

Developed with autistic children in mind, but also suitable for children with ADHD and SID. Provides a sense of security and calmness, as if the child is being hugged. The small blanket features three Velcro closure pockets and the large features five Velcro closure pockets (weights sold separately). Weights are constructed of lead-free steel shot evenly distributed within a sewn nylon fabric casing. Each blanket is made from a stain-resistant, flame-retardant brushed nylon material shell with an appealing print pattern.     

# TFW-556140    Weighted Vests

Tumble Forms weighted vests are durable and comfortable vests designed to calm children with SID and ADHD. Weighted vest is made from a stain resistant, flame-retardant brushed nylon outer shell with an appealing print pattern. Sewn pockets on the front of the vest make it easy to add weights as needed. Weights are constructed of lead-free steel shot evenly distributed within a sewn nylon fabric casting. Vest secures easily with velcro fasteners.
Includes four 1/2-lb. weights, four 1-lb. weights and four 2-lb. weights.     

# TFP-4772T    Tadpole Pediatric Positioner

Designed for infants and young children with cerebral palsy, motor delays or other motor dysfunctions as they are benefitted from this multi-use unit as an essential part of an effective therapy program. Tadpole positioner is ideal for clinic or home-based use. Tadpole positioner includes a carrying bag to conveniently store.     

# TFG-4775    Grasshopper System

Seventeen different shapes and forms aid therapists in positioning children and adults, without resorting to unsanitary pillows and foam. Incorporates adaptive positions like side-lying, prone, supine, long leg and log roll sitting into therapeutic programs. Padded coaster base makes it easy to move client while maintaining adaptive support.     

# TFW-2805    BiForm Wedges

Innovative wedges provide two wedge positions in one. Side walls provide lateral support while keeping child's arms flexed forward. Wedges can be nested together for more prone and supine positioning options.

# TFW-2795    Wedges

These versatile wedges are ideal for gross motor activities such as rolling, tumbling, and walking up- or down-hill. They also provide comfortable positioning for reading or fine motor activities. Can be used as an alternative to sitting when a child lacks head control, balance or trunk control.     

# TFW-2779    Deluxe Strap Wedges

Provide comfortable positioning for reading or fine motor activities. Deluxe strap wedges includes two wrap straps, which provide added flexibility in positioning the child properly. The movable straps support the child gently, yet firmly, when and where needed to ensure the most comfortable position.   

# TFW-2799A    Adolescent Thera-Wedge System

Provides dynamic therapy and proper positioning. This system consists of two wedges contoured on one side and flat on the other. Use together to help break extensor patterns and relax clients into a flexion pattern. Provides proper prone and supine positioning, whether used alone or together. Complete system includes one double-sided 17" contoured wedge with ankle drop-off, one double-sided 12" contoured wedge, two wrap straps and one abductor module.


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