Sensory Motor Integration

# SMI-1001     Bean Bag
Bean Bag have always been an important positioning and relaxation item for children and adults with sensory integration needs.   *** Custom sizes are available.
# SMI-1001A      Small, Dimension : 70 x 45 cm
# SMI-1001B      Medium , Dimension : 90 x 50 cm
# SMI-1001C      Large, Dimension : 110 x 55 cm

# SMI-1002     Giant Comfy Pillows
Turn any spot in the classroom into a cozy place to relax…with jumbo pillows kids can rest, lean or sit right on! These large and soft cushions create a comfortable reading corner, a rest area or can also be used for small group play.
Dimension : 80 x 80 cm
*** Custom sizes are available.

# SMI-1003     Exercise Mat
Exercise Mat provides perfect space for exercise.It can be used for different body movements and stretches, and used either individually or connected together to make a super-sized mat. They can stick to each other with Velcro.
Dimension: 120 x 60 x 5 cm (L x W x H) / piece
Components: 4 piece ( Blue + Green + Red + Yellow )
Materials include: PE foam, POLYESTER

# SMI-1004     Forest Party
Develop children’s motors skills when crawling or walking on the ridge side. Create left-right and front-back vestibular balance to enhance children’s physical coordination by swinging. For toddlers, it can be arranged into uneven paths for advanced practices.
Components: caterpillar × 1, ladybug × 4
Dimensions- caterpillar: 120 × 50 × 13.5cm (LxWxH)     ladybug: 30 x 50 x 13.5 cm (LxWxH)
Materials include: PVC + PE foam, Phthalate

# SMI-1005     Octagon Creative Blocks
Octagon Creative Blocks can be used to fence sandboxes, ball pools or simply as building blocks. Using the building blocks to make a ball pool, sandbox, stage property or arrange a cube maze, learning is so much fun and colorful!
Dimension: 38 × 19 × 11.5 cm (LxWxH)
Colors: red, yellow, blue, green
Contents: 12 pcs / set (3 pcs for each color)
Materials include: PE

# SMI-1006     Soft Gym - 12 pcs Blocks
A complete and comprehensive motor skill training set. Soft Gym set helps the training of balance and coordination. From basic body stretches to establishment of spatial concept, Soft Gym can satisfy children's needs whilst they grow by changing activities and learning space.
Components: 12 pcs / set
Materials include: PE foam, POLYESTER     

# SMI-1007     Mono Trampoline
Provides plenty of exercise and fun! Our new Trampoline Mono will delight children while creating vestibular stimulation. Probably the most beautiful and most suitable trampoline ever seen in the child-care sector. Welded steel frame construction, reinforced springsheet suspended in steel springs. Rebounds bounce after bounce. The sloped protection cushion yields utmost protection during play. The sloped protective cushion with high rear edge 5.125" yields the utmost protecting during play activities. Reinforced springsheet suspended in steel springs.
Diameter: 40.5"
Height: 28.75"
Maximum Weight: Up to 120 lbs.

# SMI-1008     Suspension bar
Material: Wooden
Description: high-grade nylon rope, aluminum one-piece forming terminal fixed.

# SMI-1009     Suspension Holder
Material : Iron
*** Custom sizes are available.

# SMI-1010     Therapy Rope
Material : Nylon
Dimension : 180 cm L

# SMI-1011     High Adjuster
Hang your equipment from the height adjuster and change the height simply by sliding it up or down the rope.
# SMI-1011A     (AS the top photo)
# SMI-1011B     (AS the down photo)

# SMI-1012     Roll Swing
Material : Wood , foam
# SMI-1012A      Dimension : 25 x 90 cm
# SMI-1012B      Dimension : 30 x 110 cm

# SMI-1013     Platform Swing
Material : Wood , foam
Dimension : 60 x 70 cm

# SMI-1014    Flexion Disc
Flexion Disc provides both vestibular and proprioceptive stimulation for your clients. Vary the vestibular input from gentle pushing and rocking to more active shaking, rotating, and orbiting.
Material : Wood , foam
Dimension : 60 x 65 cm

# SMI-1015    Safety Snaps

Safety Snaps provide a quick and secure way to connect any two pieces of hanging equipment.
The self-closing gate prevents the snaps from opening by accident or under pressure of heavy load.
Dimension : 10.6 x 5.6 cm
# SMI-1015A
# SMI-1015B

# SMI-1016    Fun Ride Deluxe 
This heavy-duty trolley ride allows clients to glide from one side of the room to the other along the 70' long steel cable. The Fun Ride Deluxe addresses motor planning, bilateral strengthening and improving flexion development. This piece of equipment is a necessity for developing a tolerance for movement and diminishing gravitational insecurity.
Working Load: 225 lbs.

# SMI-1017    Flying Trapeze
Motor planning, flexion, vestibular stimulation and fun are all a part of this activity on the Flying Trapeze. This horizontal glider is excellent for helping clients develop a tolerance to movement, for improving flexion patterns, and motor planning a new task. This system hangs from two existing ceiling points, 8' to 12' apart, and does not require wall-mounted suspension points. A special track allows the trolley to glide freely from one end to the other.
Dimensions: 10'L x 8'–12'H (Adjustable)
Working Load: 200 lbs.

# SMI-1018    Dual Swing
The Standard Dual Swing remains high on the list of popular therapy tools because of its ability to provide orbital and rotational movements. The swing can be used prone or sitting. It provides vestibular input while working on extension, proprioceptive input, motor planning and core stability. This versatile swing may be used with one or two clients in the sitting position. It definitely adds a great deal of variety and fun to your treatment sessions.
Dimensions: 67"H x 40"L (Ropes)
Working Load: 400 lbs.

# SMI-1019    Trapeze Bar
The Trapeze Bar allows clients to work on their upper extremity strengthening, increase their flexion posture, and improve their motor planning skills. It offers a fun way to challenge many of their overall development skills.
Dimensions: Bar 48 cm L

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