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    Advanced Type-S Overlay

    # PPC-173     Advanced Type-S Overlay
    This advanced Type-S™ overlay was designed for conformal, IMRT,IGRT, SRT & SRS treatments and is intended to provide minimal attenuation through 360゚of treatment angles.
    The convenience of Type-S mask continuous frame allows easier handling during setup.
    This advanced Type-S overlay is made of carbon fiber with foam core and has many new unique designs, such as exchangeable head modules for a carbon fiber grid or the pillow indent in order to produce custom conformal head cushions by two-part foaming agents, Moldcare™ and vacuum pillows.

     Advanced Type-S Overlay

    We recognize the challenges faced by clinicians for accurate, comfortable positioning and immobilization for pediatric & thin patients. Therefore, # PPC-173 has additional four docking holes for accepting narrower S-Frame masks # PSMC-44 for children to get better immobilization during radiation treatment.

     Advanced Type-S Overlay

    Lightweight and two built-in handles makes transportation easy. In addition to using the commercialized lock bars to mount on various treatment and imaging couches for IPPS™ (Indexing Patient Position System) Technique, this overlay comes with four back pegs for quick-setting on Varian Exact couch.

    Custom Pillow Insert & Grid Pattern Insert

    # SMC-VR @7     Custom Pillow Insert
    # SMC-GR @7     Grid Pattern Insert
    Like all our baseplates with head modules, this overlay has a rectangular recess designed to accommodate universal headrests such as TIMO™ & SilvermanTM .. In addition, after assembling with the optional custom pillow inserts (# SMC-VR @7 and # SMC-GR @7), it will be ideal to produce posterior pillows by using water curing pillows like MoldCare™ or two-part foaming agents or vacuum bags to maximize patient immobilization accuracy and comfort.

    Bar & Square Cushion Positioner

    # PPC-173-BCP     Bar Cushion Positioner
    # PPC-173-SCP     Square Cushion Positioner
    Commercialized Type-S overlays with grid head module can the optional bar cushion positioner or square cushion positioner to fix the custom posterior cushions made by vacuum bags, water-curing MoldCare™ or two-part foam agents

    Shoulder Suppression

    # PPC-173-SSA     Shoulder Suppression Attachment ( Two rails scaled from ”A” to “J” )
    # PPC-173-SSF     Shoulder Suppression Fixer
    Shoulder suppression fixer is designed to enhance the benefits of Type-S overlays while using small S-Frame masks. They can move forwards and backwards on the rails scaled from ”A”~“F” to capture patients’ shoulders out of treatment field. The padded positioners can be adjusted vertically ( level from # 1 to # 7 ) and laterally (left, central and right position) for different needs. Attachment can mount and be dismissed in a minute.

    Variable Axis Baseplate

    # PPC-173-VAB     Variable Axis Baseplate
    This variable axis baseplate can integrate with Type-S boards to provide a tilting movement with patient fixation in the prone, supine and lateral positions. The variable axis design allows for natural head and neck movement during patient set-up possible. It can accommodate universal TIMO / Silverman pillows and # TIMO-PP prone pillow with the use of shims & small S-Frame masks. Like all our head boards, this baseplate also has a rectangular recess to accommodate the optional custom pillow insert, say, # SMC-CPI @7 in order to produce individual pillows by using MoldCare™ water curing pillows or two-part foaming agents or vacuum piollows to maximize patient immobilization accuracy and comfort during treatment.

    Hollow Tubes

    # PPC-173-HT       Hollow Tubes
    # PPC-173-HTU    Hollow Tubes with board
    Simply using 3 ea. of hollow carbon fiber tubes, 1 ea. of U-shaped carbon fiber board and 2 ea. of V-Frame masks, the overlay can proceed IMRT, IGRT, SRT and SRS treatments by clam shell mechanism with superior patient positioning and minimal materials to simplify planning work and reduce obstructions. Lightweight and easy to use !

    # MMR-101     Mold Maker (Small for head)
    # MMR-102     Mold Maker (Large for head/neck/shoulder)
    # MMR-103     Mold Maker (Set for shoulders)
    These mold makers are designed for molding posterior cushions to avoid collision with the thermoplastic frame when pulling the patient casts down to the overlay. They can efficiently hold and mold the head/shoulders cushions made of two-part foaming agent, VacBag™ and Moldcare™ within the confines of Type-S mask / frame profile during molding process of the cushions. After the cushions are formed, these retainers are removed prior to pulling the masks over the patient. All are made of high impact strength plastics and built-in handles at head modules make daily operations easily.

     Hand Grip Array

    # PPR-173-HGA     Hand Grip Array
    This optional plastic hand grip array aids in the reproducing the positioning of patient’s shoulders and can ensure accurate alignment from treatment to treatment. Each array has 7 holes with spacing about 2 cm for inserting the plastic hand grips and can mount on the overlay permanently by two screws and be dismissed in a minute.

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