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    Shoulder Retractors

    # PPR-411SG    Shoulder Retractors with small grips
    # PPR-411LG    Shoulder Retractors with large grips
    One complete kit includes one foot baseplate and a pair of straps like popular # MT-SR shoulder retractors but have a built-in handle for easy transfer and operation.
    Our shoulder straps are compatible with CIVCO # MT-SR shoulder retractors and have two easy-to-hold and non-slip handles. The straps have 9 pegs markings with numbers from 1 ~ 9 at 5 cm intervals and made heavy duty Nylon ropes to minimize the uncertainty of rope-lengthening and maximize re-positioning accuracy. Two different sizes for handles can be ordered by catalog # PPR-411-SSD & -SSL.

    Foot-Fix System

    # PPR-412SG    Foot-Fix™ System with small grips
    # PPR-412LG    Foot-Fix™ System with large grips
    This system has multiple indexing locations allowing the foot plate to move anterior or posterior to the patient in the supine position which make it can comfortably locate the feet with natural positioning to reduce leg fatigue for an extended period of treating time. While using the shoulder straps, this system can be used as shoulder retractor and ideal for shoulder clearance when opposing lateral fields are used to treat neck by pulling the handles of the strap hooked up to the Foot-Fix™ baseplate.      

    Dual Ankle Wedge

    # PPR-413    Dual Ankle Wedge
    This wedge is made of durable foam with washable coating to increase patient comfort during treatment. The wedge bottom has indexing baseplate that help therapists use various lock bars to attach to most couch tops for IPPS technique. This makes it most economy and easy-to use ankle wedge for treatment. W: 50cm x D: 10cm x H: 12cm (with 6cm height for laying heels).

    Foot Positioner

    # PPR-415-FP    Foot Positioner
    * Multiple indexing locations allow foot plate to move superior to inferior.
    * Offer two height adjustments and a straight or 20 ° splayed angle for the feet.
    * Made of lightweight radiolucent plastic materials with removable foot cup pads to accommodate
       shoes-on and shoes-off treatment preferences.
    * Locks down onto most treatment couches.

    Thigh Positioner

    # PPR-415-TP    Thigh Positioner
    * Made from durable foam to aid in patient comfort.
    * Supports 115° bend at the knee and built-in handles make daily operations and transfer easy
    * 3" removable riser for multiple height options.
    * Locks down onto most treatment couches.

    Foot & Thigh Positioner

    # PPR-415-FTP    Foot & Thigh Positioner
    Customizable device offering multiple indexing options for the lower extremities. Allows natural positioning of the feet and legs, reducing leg fatigue.
    * Foam construction wedges and lightweight radiolucent base.
    * Natural positioning of feet, reducing leg fatigue.
    * Removable foot cup pads for shoes-on and shoes-off treatment preferences

    Foot Positioner

    # PPR-415-FTP    Foot Positioner
    This foot positioner is designed to improve patient comfort while maintaining accurate and repeatable foot positioning. The locating holes on the bottom allow it to locate to a 2-pin lock bar. Built-in handles and lightweight make carry easily.

    Dual Leg Positioner

    # PPR-421    Dual Leg Positioner (11 cm height)
    # PPR-421    Dual Leg Positioner (19 cm height)
    Dual Leg Positioner is designed to hold the patient’s legs at the same level in order to enhance the reproducibility of the lower legs for supine hip and pelvic treatments and reduce rotation of the pelvis. With blue coating outside makes it easy-to-clean. Optional Velcro strap # PPR-421-ST can secure patient’s calves and ankles if needed.

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