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    BELLY-Fix Board

    # PPC-311    BELLY-Fix™ Board

    BELLY-Fix™ board is made of 7mm solid carbon fiber and can utilize low-temperature thermoplastic sheets over the entire abdomen or pelvis for anterior fixation and a vacuum bag for additional comfort and immobilization. Thermoplastics with 4 and 6 L-profile Clips or Frames for independent fixation points can ensure to produce perfect casts around the patient’s anatomy for a precise and reproducible fixation.     

    Patient Positioning Thermoplastics
    Different pre-cut thermoplastics with L-Profile frames are available:
    * Catalog # ending with -P are Pre-cut casts for reloadable frames.


    * Catalog # ending with -C are thermoplastics slotted into L-profile


    * Catalog # ending with -F are casts nailed onto L-profile

    with pulling tabs to help users take the casts out of water bath easily.

    * Casts for Children treatment is available by catalog # heading with # PPTC- .

    Thermoplastics Thermoplastics Thermoplastics Thermoplastics

    # PPT-311-1F # PPT-311-2F # PPT-311-3F # PPT-311-3F
    Solid Perforated Solid Perforated Solid Perforated Reinforced Casts
    Code @AC200 @AC204 @AC200 @AC204 @AC200 @AC204 @AC20R01
    Code @AC240 @AC244 @AC240 @AC244 @AC240 @AC244 @AC24R01
    Code @AC320
    @AC324 @AC320 @AC324 @AC320 @AC324 @AC32R01
    Code @FC200 @FC204 @FC200 @FC204 @FC200 @FC204 @FC20R01
    Code @FC240 @FC244 @FC240 @FC244 @FC240 @FC244 @FC24R01
    Code @FC320 @FC324 @FC320 @FC324 @FC320 @FC324 @FC32R01

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