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    # PPR-281     Comfort-Prone™ Breast System   ( Low Profile, 13cm height )
    # PPR-282     Comfort-Prone™ Breast System   ( High Profile, 20 cm height )
    In addition to enhancing patient comfort and optimizing treatment outcome during a course of external beam radiation therapy, this prone breast system is designed to reduce irradiation to the chest wall, healthy cardiac tissue and lungs, and spares the vital organs. The radiation dose is more evenly distributed in the breast, lessening the chance of painful scar tissue forming. Prone positioning on the system with opening bridge provides an unobstructed lateral field for pendulous breast tissues and assists to acquire optimum angle during radiation therapy for breast cancer. The system allows for even weight distribution and two profiles (13cm & 20cm) can accommodate all patient sizes onto the system. Its coating rigid foam pad also makes patient comfortable and setup facile.

    System Features:
    * Bundled massage-type prone pillow aides in patient comfort.
    * Adjustable Head Rest fits a variety of patients.
    * Indexing Handles assists hands crossover to extend tissues if desired.
    * Selectable large or small opening breast bridge when order, depends on various treatment needs.
    * Rotate the opening bridge to the right or left according to individual treatment needs.
    * Leg Cushion and Ankle Cushion increase comfort level during treatment.
    * Assembling design makes storage easily.
    * Lightweight and therapist-friendly device can be locked down onto most treatment couches.
    * Adapt to various patient sizes onto the system.
    * Optional 15-degree Slant Wedge can assist with patient tilt.

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