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    Conformal Bolus

    Conformal Bolus - Transparent™
    * Most accurate thickness uniformity & highly conforms to body contours.
    * Real transparency allows visual beam location and markers.
    * No disgusting odor, phthalate plasticizers and air bubbles inside.
    * May be easily cut with scissors & stacked to increase thickness.
    * Sheets with different flexibility and tackiness are available.
    * Larger sheets up to 60cm square can be customized.
    * Highly pliable translucent sheets can be ordered by catalog numbers ending
      with @TL as well.      

    Bolus - AquaCast

    Conformal Bolus - AquaCast™

    AquaCast are Ideal for hard-to-bolus areas and any irregular surfaced anatomical feature. Softens in hot water & becomes transparently moldable. Thickness of 4.8 mm is equivalent 0.5 cm traditional petroleum based bolus and 9.6 mm is equivalent 1.0 cm bolus.
    Both sheets and pellets are available.      

    Bolus - Polycast

    Conformal Bolus - Polycast™

    In addition to bolus application, this unique thermoplastic is also ideal for the production of custom oral bites for radiation therapy while using with tongue depressor or semi-rigid foam block. Simply wrap tongue depressors or a foam block in Polycast™ softened in hot water, perfect custom oral bites can be gotten for treatment.
    # BPC-0.32x30x45      Dimensions :    0.32 x 30 x 45cm
    # BPC-0.32x45x60      Dimensions :    0.32 x 45 x 60cm
    Polycast™ Foam Block     # PFB-2x3x5    Dimensions :   2 x 3 x 5cm

    Trident Oral Bite
    Trident Oral Bite

    Trident Oral Bite™

    The color-coded Trident Oral Bite has 3 dents with different dent heights (15mm, 25 & 30mm) to help teeth/maxilla repositioning. It can also help tongue displacement and provides an airway opening for breathing. Custom bites are available upon request.
    # TOB-40x80x15      Dimensions :   W:40 x L:80 x H:15
    # TOB-40x80x25      Dimensions :   W:40 x L:80 x H:25
    # TOB-40x80x30      Dimensions :   W:40 x L:80 x H:30

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