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    Cast Production Power Table

    # PPC-621 Gamma Knife Mask
    This mask having different reinforced perforation and open face design is a better choice than the 3-point hybrid mask for ELEKTA ICON system in order to offer strong, rigid, non-invasive fixation. Compared to an invasive head frame, patients can be immobilized by these masks in a comfortable way while maintaining a similar stability. In addition, masks can be custom made of Aquacast™ and FuzzyCast™ with different thicknesses, sizes and reinforced patterns.

    Thermoplastic Sheets for Patient Immobilization

    Due to the premium perforation patterns, all of our thermoplastic materials have no cutting edges to hurt patients or therapists. What is more, we can supply two kinds of thermoplastic materials ~ Aquacast and Fuzzycast with six standard perforations (from # 1 Mini to # 6 Mega) and various reinforced patterns or even custom perforations to meet your clinical need as follows:

    AquaCast™ can become transparent in hot water and cool down with minimum shrinkage and moderate speed for sufficient operation time to produce quality casts.


    FuzzyCast™ has a permanent unique soft fuzzy coating on patient side to increase patient comfort and minimize skin allergy and hair-sticking problem. Like AquasCast™, FuzzyCast™ can become translucent in hot water bath and regain its color back after cooling down.


    * Larger, say, 60cm x 90cm or custom-sized thermoplastics are available upon request.

    * Reinforced or custom figure perforations are available upon request. Please contact us or our distributors .

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