Occupational Therapy Modality

# OTM-1055      Hand Mold
Dimension: 20 cm x 18 cm x 1.0 cm

# OTM-1056      Graded Pinch Exerciser
Improve pinch strength and coordination with a graded pinch exerciser. The exerciser includes 5 sets of color-coded graded resistance pinch pins, three horizontal rods, and a vertical rod for shoulder ROM exercise.
Optional Replacement Pinchpins, 7 each.
Yellow - 1 pound, Red - 2 pounds, Green - 4 pounds, Blue - 6 pounds, Black - 8 pounds

# OTM-1057      Finger Extension Remedial Game
The Finger Extension Remedial Game can be used by occupational therapists to assess and facilitate rehabilitation of the finger extensors. The finger rehabilitation game board uses hook-and-loop material for attaching the game pieces to the board. The Finger Extension Remedial Game can be used to help rehabilitate extensor tendon injuries, which makes it difficult to extend the wrist or fingers.
Hook material on the bottom of the 32 square game pieces provides resistance

# OTM-1058      Weights
Dimension: Ø 10 cm , Weight: 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 4.0 kg

# OTM-1059      Wrist Weight
# OTM-1059A     1 pounds
# OTM-1059B     2 pounds
# OTM-1059C     3 pounds
# OTM-1059D     4 pounds

# OTM-1060     Handmaster plus

9 muscles close the hand (finger flexors) and 9 muscles open the hand (finger extensors). Handmaster Plus allows the user to easily strengthen and balance all 18 muscles of the hand, in one easy exercise. Choose a hand exerciser that is complete and specific in regards to resistance…

# OTM-1060A     Soft Ball - Purple

# OTM-1060B     Medium Ball - Red

# OTM-1060C     Firm Ball - Orange

# OTM-1061      Hook and Loop Exercise Board
Create a program for pronation, supination and wrist flexion or extension. Use for strengthening fingers, hands and forearms. Variety of sizes and shapes help improve pinching and gripping ability. Board measures 30cm x 23cm and is covered with loop material to provide resistance. Includes one block and six hook-covered rollers.

# OTM-1062      Hand/Finger Exerciser
Hand/Finger Exerciser develops isolated finger strength, flexibility and coordination as it builds hand and forearm strength.

# OTM-1062Y      1.5 lb
# OTM-1062S      7.0 lb

# OTM-1062R     3.0 lb
# OTM-1162B     9.0 lb

# OTM-1062G     5.0 lb

# OTM-1063      Hand Exerciser
Dimension: 14.5 x 12.5 x 1.5 cm

# OTM-1091      Abduction Ladder
For people with hand injuries, neurological impairment injuries.
Dimension: 110cm (H) x 5.5cm (W) , 36 ladder

# OTM-1091A     Straight
# OTM-1091B     Curve

# OTM-1092      Finger Ladder
1. Adjustable height, suitable for sitting or standing position.
2. Suitable for shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger rehabilitation exercise.
3. Adjustable ladder width it has 25 steps at 32 mm intervals and 50 steps at 16 mm intervals.

# OTM-1093     Skateboard Set

Skateboard uses a figure-8 pattern for range of motion exercises. Features a vinyl covered hardboard surface, and a metal rim on three sides. The outer edge of the board allows the unit to be clamped onto a work surface. There is a hand hole for convenient transport.
Dimensions: 20" x 20" x 20"
Weight: 10.0 lbs

# OTM-1094     Roeder Manipulative Aptitude Test

Roeder Manipulative Aptitude Test measures hand, arm, finger dexterity, and speed. It is designed to test individuals for employment and to test elementary through college students when dexterity is a primary requirement. The board has four receptacles for holding washers, rods, caps, and nuts.The performance board also is comprised of a horizontal T-bar and 40 inserts arranged in a predetermined pattern.

# OTM-1095      Vertical Ring Tree

Use for increasing ROM, eye/hand coordination, manipulation, endurance and sequencing.
Base is 21 3/4"L x 14 3/4"W x 1 3/4"D (55 x 37 x 4 cm).
Includes six plastic rods: 3-18"H (46cm) and 3-13"H (33cm). Rod diameters vary from 1/4" (6.4mm) to 1" (2.5cm). Also includes 12 rings for each plastic rod. Disassembles and packs into the covered base for storage.

# OTM-1096      Work Bench

Hand Coordination Manipulation Work Bench is designed to assist therapists in evaluating rehabilitation patients to determine appropriate therapy and future treatment or human resource team to identify if applicants are capable to the jobs. The compact design Work Bench is convenient and easy to use, duplicating a hidden, confined work surface to help improve bilateral work. It also helps to test and develop fine motor coordination while encouraging muscular strength and endurance in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, and hands.

# OTM-1097      Premium Semi-Circular Peg Board

The premium semi-circular peg board is designed to help extend the user's upper extremity range of motion as well as coordination, strength, and endurance. The physical therapy tool also helps the user with both gross and fine motor skills. Brightly colored red, white, and blue pegs will help enhance both visual and cognitive skill.     

# OTM-1098      Gel Ball Exerciser

Diameter: 2”

# OTM-1098A     Tan
# OTM-1098D     Green

# OTM-1098B     Yellow
# OTM-1098E     Blue

# OTM-1098C     Red
# OTM-1098F     Black

# OTM-1099     Lying Stander

Dimensions of Large size:
Frame width: 60 cm ± 5%
Table width: 90 ~ 140 cm ± 5%
User height: 130 ~ 160 cm ± 5%

# OTM-1100     Positioner Chair

Seat depth: 30.5 ~ 46 cm ± 5%
Seat width: 25.4 ~ 40.6 cm ± 5%
Seat height: 28 ~ 50.8 cm ± 5%
Back height: 38 ~ 50.8 cm ± 5%
User height: less than 150 cm ± 5%

# OTM-1101      Hand Exercise Web

Hand therapy exercise web is used in hand therapy for flexion, extension, opposition, and supination exercises. Resistance may be modified by adjusting the hand position, depth of finger insertion, or by moving to a different resistance (color) web. The exercise web is available in both the standard 14 inch diameter size.

# OTM-1101A     Tan
# OTM-1101E      Blue

# OTM-1101B     Yellow
# OTM-1101F     Black

# OTM-1101C     Red

# OTM-1101D      Green

Multi-resistance, Diameter: 14”
# OTM-1101BD      yellow/green      # OTM-1101CE      Red/Blue

# OTM-1102      SMART Mirror

Use to treat upper extremity pain and limited motion due to phantom limb, hemiparesis, arthritis, complex regional pain syndrome or following hand surgery. Helps enhance motor planning and reduce kinesiophobia. Innovative features include the ability to position the mirror between 90° - 65° for individualized viewing comfort. The three ventilation windows assists with air flow and allows therapists to observe movement.
Visible shatter-proof mirror area measures 20 x 34 cm ± 5%.

# OTM-1103      FlexBar

FlexBar device is effective at improving pain scores and strength in patients with tennis elbow. Waffle-surfaced exerciser can be used for strengthening, oscillation and mobilization. Progressive resistance levels to match user capability. FlexBar measures 12" (30cm) long. Made of dry natural rubber with a rigid surface for enhanced grip during use.     

# OTM-1104      Exercise bands

Often referred to as resistance bands can help improve strength and fitness levels.

6 yard :

# OTM-1104Y6     Yellow
# OTM-1104D6      Blue

# OTM-1104R6     Red
# OTM-1104B6      Black

# OTM-1104G6     Green

50 yard :

# OTM-1104Y50     Yellow
# OTM-1104D50      Blue

# OTM-1104R50     Red
# OTM-1104B50      Black

# OTM-1104G50     Green

# OTM-1105      Object-Pairing Shoulder Trainer

Dimensions: 83 x 20.5 x 65 cm, Wooden Ball – Ø 55 mm x 3 pcs (Red, Yellow, Blue)
Material: Main frame - Birch plywood; Training pad - Elm plywood x 3 pcs; Handle - Bentwood
Desc: This shoulder trainer comes with a wooden case with 3 colorful balls, 3 panels with different holes and a roller bar. It is designed to improve ROM (range of motion), upper extremity manipulation, muscular endurance and eye-hand coordination. The geometric holes on the panels can provide players Cognition-Perception-Motion training with fun.

# OTM-1106      Arc-Bridge Wrist Trainer

Dimensions: 70 x 25 x 35 cm
Material: Plywood, Iron sheet, Wooden balls magnets : Ø 65 mm x 2 (Purple), Ø 50 mm x 3(Green), Ø 35 mm x 4(Yellow), Ø 25 mm x 4(White)
Desc: This arc-bridge comes with 13 ea. color-coded balls with different sizes, 5 ea. O-Ring and 5 ea. squares. Built-in magnets can help all accessories attract the iron arc-bridge. Patients can grip the balls from different positions for training the supination-pronation motions of forearm, and internal-external rotation motions of shoulder to improve ROM (range of motion) of upper extremity, endurance and manipulation.

# OTM-1107      Resistive Prehension Bench

Resistive Prehension Bench is a finger exerciser and a progressive resistive arm exerciser designed to increase muscle strength and endurance for individuals with limited hand and finger strength and mobility. It can be used for both single-handed and bilateral activities.
Dimensions: 41cm x 41cm x15     

# OTM-1107T      Resistive Prehension Bench

Resistive Prehension Bench is a finger exerciser and a progressive resistive arm exerciser designed to increase muscle strength and endurance for individuals with limited hand and finger strength and mobility. It can be used for both single-handed and bilateral activities.
Dimensions: 41cm x 35cm x 29cm
Tilting angle: 30°     

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