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    Block Casting Styrofoam
    We offer quality oncology grade Styrofoam blocks in any sizes to meet all your needs. Standard sizes are listed in the "More Info" button but any custom blocks are also available upon requests. All our Styrofoam blocks are very carefully cut to provide a flat surface and smooth edge, facilitating messy clamps and prevents leakage. Styrofoam Belly boards are also available for custom sizes and cut-outs.    


    Block Casting Alloys

    # BCA-158      158℉ Alloy      Bi: 50%, Pb: 26.7%, Sn: 13.3, Cd: 10%
    # BCA-203      203℉ Alloy      Bi: 52.5%, Pb: 32%, Sn: 15.5%


    Blocking Casting Trays

    # BCT-299-V      for Varian
    # BCT-308-E      for Elekta

    Refrigerating System

    Block Casting Refrigerating System
    # BCR-550    for 110V     # BCR-550 @220    for 220V
    This casting system features a 3 Gal. of alloy pot mounted on a refrigerated cold plate. The aluminum cooling plate is precision-surfaced and measures 36"W x 24"D x 3/4"T to accommodate 5 ea. of 10” x10” Styrofoam Blocks simultaneously which makes them cost-effective and productivity-efficient systems for the production of shielding blocks.
    * Upper Part for Melting: about 15 Kgs    Pot Dim. : shown below
    * Lower Part for Casting: about 89 Kgs    Base Dim.: W45cm x D42cm x H101cm

    Melting Pot

    Melting Pot (3.0 gallon with digital readout)
    # BCP-550    for 110V     # BCP-550 @220    for 220V
    This pot is accurate for setting temperate ( ±1 ℃) and comes with a stainless steel cover. It is ideal for re-melting electron blocks due to large inside width (30 cm). For safety, ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) are built in the back recess.
    Internal dimensions of tank: W 30cm x D 20cm x H 20cm
    External dimensions of tank: W 35cm x D 25cm x H 25cm
    External dimensions of entire pot: W 45cm x D 25cm x H 42cm
    Weight: about 15 Kgs

    Air Cooling Plate

    Block Casting Air Cooling Plate
    # BCA-12x24x1
    The air-cooled plate features a flat aluminum plate with four leveling feet to help the cooling of alloy blocks.      Dimensions: 12” x 24” x 1”

    Water Cooling Plate

    Block Casting Water Cooling Plate
    # BCW-12x24x1
    The water-cooled plate features a flat stainless-steel plate with four leveling feet and shut-off valve with vinyl hoses.      Dimensions: 12” x 24” x 1”

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