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    Positioning Cradles & Holders

    # PPC-401    KneeFix™     (carbon fiber baseplate for one leg)
    # PPR-401    KneeFix™     (MR version for one leg)
    # PPC-402    KneeFix™     (carbon fiber baseplate for two legs)
    # PPR-402    KneeFix™     (MR version for two legs)
    KneeFix™ can raise two legs in different heights and offer the ability to slightly splay two legs for comfort and ease of treatment. Each standard KneeFix™ kit comes with 1 baseplate and 3 single knee wedges. Therapists can finish setups in a minute simply by changing different knee wedges with different heights ( 5cm, 10cm and 15cm ) which make KneeFix™ have a great diversity for height adjustments. Also, there is no need to use additional vacuum cushions for increased comfort because the knee wedges are made of proprietary foams. The built-in handle can make the baseplate easy for transportation and storage. The knee wedges can be ordered separately.

    Knee Wedge

    Single Knee Wedge
    # PPR-401-SKW-5-AS      (5cm, with acrylic shim)
    # PPR-401-SKW-10-AS    (10cm, with acrylic shim)
    # PPR-401-SKW-15-AS    (15cm, with acrylic shim)

    Pre-molded cast

    Positioning Thermoplastics

    # PPT-401    30cmx45cm, one leg fixation

    @AC204     @AC245     @AC326      @FC204     @FC245     @FC326

    # PPT-402    40cmx45cm, two legs fixation

    @AC204     @AC245     @AC326      @FC204     @FC245     @FC326

    KNEE Positioning System

    # PPR-403    KneeRest™
    Standard kit includes one baseplate, 2 elevation boards and two 10cm single knee wedges. It is ideal for a quick capture of low legs for hip & pelvis treatment. Users can finish setups in a minute by piling up wedges on the height increment boards. Built-in rubber feet under boards can help eliminate slipping problem.      

    KNEE Support Positioner

    # PPR-405        KneeSupport™     (without knee cut-outs)

    # PPR-405C     KneeSupport™     (with knee cut-outs)
    W: 30cm x L: 51cm x H: 18cm
    These positioners can provide knee / shank support and help flexion to relieve lower back stress and pain. They have stain- resistant & easy-to-clean coating in between patient contact. Two built-in handles can help operation and four rubber feet prevent slipping. Lock bars can be used for IPPS™ technique.

    Foam Positioners (Wedges / Bolsters / Pads)
    We offers a variety of standard patient positioning wedges, bolsters and pads to aid in patient comfort during treatments by providing a softer contact with the hard baseplates. All they feature a seamless spray vinyl coating which creates a non-porous surface that is easy to clean in between patient contact.

    # WBP-001 (set of 2) # WBP-002 # WBP-003 # WBP-004 # WBP-005

    Foot Positioner

    # PPR-416    Foot Positioner
    This foot positioner is designed to improve patient comfort while maintaining accurate and repeatable foot positioning. The locating holes on the bottom allow it to locate to a 2-pin lock bar. Built-in handles and lightweight make carry easily.

    Dual Leg Positioner

    # PPR-421    Dual Leg Positioner (11 cm height)
    # PPR-422    Dual Leg Positioner (19 cm height)
    Dual Leg Positioner is designed to hold the patient’s legs at the same level in order to enhance the reproducibility of the lower legs for supine hip and pelvic treatments and reduce rotation of the pelvis. Optional Velcro strap # PPR-421-ST can secure patient’s calves and ankles if needed.

    KNEE Support Positioner

    # PPR-426       LimbFix™ (Resin)
    LimbFix™ is designed for fixing lower and upper extremities and consists of # PPR-426-BP Baseplate and # PPR-426-LS Leg Support (standard height: 20cm) made of durable resins. The baseplate has multiple docking holes with indexes to provide maximum possibilities for positioning & immobilizing lower extremities. The leg support can be easily attached to the baseplate to lift up patient’s leg. The upper extremities can be easily immobilized by the casts to be treated under wither lying or sitting position. The advanced version made of carbon fibre # PPC-426 is also available.
    The system utilizes thermoplastics with docking pins locked on various places on the baseplate with multiple docking holes over the limbs to immobilize the foot, knee, elbow or hand of the patient with good reproducibility. Two foam cushions # PPR-426-CC can be attached to the baseplates with Velcro to support the pressure points such as the heel or the palm of the hand of the patient. Four locating holes are built on the top and bottom of the baseplate to position LimFix on 2-pin indexing bars for IPPS™.

    Patient Positioning Thermoplastics with L-Profiles and Disk Docking Parts for LimbFix™ system

    # PPT-426-01
    2-Point Hand Cast
    # PPT-426-02
    2-Point Elbow Cast
    # PPT-426-03R (right)
    5-point Shoulder Cast
    # PPT-426-03L (left)
    5-point Shoulder Cast
    # PPT-426-04
    4-Point Elbow Cast
    # PPT-426-05
    2-Point Knee Cast
    # PPT-426-06
    3-Point Foot Cast
    # PPT-426-CC
    Comfort Cushion

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