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    Positioning Cradles


    # PPC-231     LiftBoard™
    # PPR-231     LiftBoard™ (MR version)
    LiftBoard™ has tapered wings and a base with a rectangular recess designed for accommodating universal pillows such as TIMO™ & Silverman™. Optional shim plate (# SPC-VR @5) can be used to produce posterior pillows by using water curing pillows like MoldCare™ or two-part foaming agents or vacuum bags to maximize immobilization accuracy and patient comfort for breast and thorax immobilization.

    Extended LiftBoard™

    # PPC-232    Extended LiftBoard™
    # PPR-232    Extended LiftBoard™ (MR version)
    This extended LiftBoard™ has 9 peg holes for hand grips to increase breast and lung setup repeatability and patient comfort. Most commercialized 2-pin indexing lock bars can be used for IPPS™ technique.


    # PPC-233    EmbraceBoard™
    # PPR-233    EmbraceBoard™ (MR version)

    EmbraceBoard™ is mainly made of durable but light carbon fiber. Its unique design enables this board easy positioning, precise repositioning & high patient comfort during breast, thorax and upper abdomen treatment. The tilting module can be held at every 5 degrees on the side arcs with clear readings from 0° to 30°. The optional shim plate with V-shaped recess can be used to produce bespoke pillows by using MoldCare™ or vacuum bags, foaming agents to maximize patient comfort and immobilization accuracy.

    Carbon fiber baseplate

    # PPC-234    Small EmbracePillow™ with carbon fiber baseplate
    # PPR-234    Small EmbracePillow™ with plastic baseplate
    # PPC-234L    Large EmbracePillow™ with carbon fiber baseplate
    # PPR-234L    Large EmbracePillow™ with plastic baseplate

    EmbracePillows™ are made of durable foam with easy-to-clean blue coating. It has light weight with a CT number less than -960 and thus quite ideal to be used though CTsim and therapeutic procedure. Due to its good design, a comfortable and reproducible position of arms above the head and for the radiotherapy of esophagus, lung, breast and liver microwave ablation can be achieved.
    The small pillow (W: 45c x L: 51 x H: 26cm) also makes them easy to use and store. The large pillow with width 53cm is also available for male adults. All the standard pillows come with the head and neck contour as TIMO “B” pillow but pillows with other contours are also available upon request. The baseplate can accept most 2-pin lock bard for IPPSTM technique as well.

    Overhead Arm Positioner

    # PPR-235F     Classical Overhead Arm Positioner shown with custom pillow insert ( # SPR-VR @6 )

    This classical arm positioner is mainly composed of two modules: (A) a head board & (B) a T-bar handle. The head board module can be used alone for head and neck treatment or can easily be an overhead arm positioner after assembling T-bar handle by screwed knobs for thoracic treatment to provide comfortable arms-up positioning. System features longitudinal and vertical adjustments of T-bar handle for flexibility in patient setup, precision -engraved, positive-locking U-Frame mask by four Fixed swivel clamps for quick and accurate patient repositioning. All plastic construction makes it ideal for CT and MR use. Carbon fiber version positioner is available by catalog # PPC-235F.
    Upgraded overhead arm board with five docking holes for accepting S-Frame masks with push and pull docking parts can be ordered by catalog # PPR-235S & # PPC-235S.

    Arm Board
    Arm Board

    # PPC-236     Advanced LiftBoard™
    # PPR-236     Advanced LiftBoard™ (MR)

    This advanced Lift-Board comes with a T-Bar which offers both vertical and horizontal adjustments for precise positioning and maximum comfort for the arm extension during treatment and/or diagnostic procedures. The hand grips help ensure accurate patient alignment for most patients after surgery.

    Arm Board

    # PPC-236F
    Advanced LiftBoard™

    Upgraded version with 4 Fixed swivel clamps and optional custom pillow insert.
    MR version is available by # PPR-236F.

    Arm Board

    # PPC-236S
    Advanced LiftBoard™

    Upgraded version with 5 docking holes and equipped with optional custom pillow insert.
    MR version is available by # PPR-236S.

    Arm Board

    # PPC-237
    Advanced LiftBoard™

    for special patients who cannot raise their arms after surgery

    Arm Board

    # PPC-237S
    Advanced LiftBoard™

    equipped with custom pillow insert

    Arm Board

    # PPC-237-FAS
    Advanced LiftBoard™

    equipped with Foam Arm Support

    Arm Board

    # PPC-238 Extended Couch Top
    This carbon fiber couch top is designed to help patients lie on the treatment table without the discomfort generated by the gaps between baseplate and couch while using # PPC-236 and # PPC-237. Most commercial lock bars can be used for easy repositioning for IPPS™.

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