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    Dual Functional RayBoard

    # PPC-211     Classic RayBoard™ (for head and neck fixation, carbon fiber )
    A complete kit of # PPC-211 comes with 10cm slot inserts (2 ea.), 18cm inserts (2 ea.), locating block (1 ea.) and 2mm black acrylic shim plate (1 ea.). This baseplate can use popular 4-point butterfly masks for head and shoulder immobilzaion. By interchanging the sliding locating block &TIMO pillows at different places on the pillow recess, it is ideal for breast treatment without tenting effects like systems using S-Frame mask or U-Frame mask. MR version # PPR-211 made of durable resins is also available.

    Dual Functional RayBoard

    # PPC-215     Premium RayBoard™
    # PPR-215     Premium RayBoard™ (MR version)
    One kit of # PPC-215 comes with 18cm inserts(2 ea.), 10cm inserts(3 ea.), carbon fiber locating block(1 ea.) and 2mm black acrylic shim plate(1 ea.). While using 3-point masks for brain tumors, optional carbon fiber Shoulder Suppression Attachment # PPC-215-SSA is also available to enhance the benefits of these boards by capturing patients' shoulders out of treatment field in easy way. It can use 3-, 4- and 5-point butterfly masks for head and shoulder fixation. Also, simply by interchanging the positioning block and TIMO pillows, these boards are also ideal for breast treatment.   

    Dual Functional RayBoard

    # PPC-221     PosiLock™ (carbon fiber version)
    # PPR-221     PosiLock™ (MR compatible version)
    One kit of # PPC-221 comes with the carbon fiber main board, the loating block and shim plate 1 ea. respectively. While using 3-point masks for treatment, The optional # PPC-221-SSA shoulder suppression attachment is available to enhance the benefits of these boards by capturing patients’ shoulders out of treatment field in a very easy way.   

    Advanced Torso-Board™

    # PPC-223     Advanced Torso-Board™
    This Torso Board utilizes the advanced push and pull docking system to lock the casts on the gray positioning cover plates for breast and abdomen fixation. Like all our head boards, this baseplate also has a rectangular recess designed to accommodate universal headrests such as TIMO™ and Silverman™. Also the optional shim plates ( # SPC-VR @5 or # SPR-VR @5 )can be used to produce posterior custom pillows by using two-part foaming agents, vacuum bags or Mold-Care™ to increase patient comfort and accuracy for radiosurgery.   

    TIMO with Blocks & Wedges

    # TIMO-BWF     TIMO with Blocks & Wedges

    A complete kit comes with 6 ea. of TIMO, 2cm & 4cm elevation blocks, 9°, 13.5° and 18° slant wedges made of rigid foam with coating.

    Slot Inserts

    # PPC-211-SI      Slot Inserts

    The standard kit has 2 ea. 10cm inserts & 2 ea. 18cm inserts. Rigid foam inserts are also available.

    Butterfly Support

    # PPC-211-BS      Butterfly Support

    Mainly made of carbon fiber and can mount onto # PPC-211 as arm and hand support for better patient comfort.

    Wedge Support

    # PPC-211-WS      Wedge Support

    This foam wedge is also ideal for breast treatment because arms can be comfortably extended by holding two plastic posts.

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