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  • Compact Type-S Overlay
    Positioning Cradles

    Compact Type-S Overlay

    # PPC-126      Compact Type-S Overlay
    This economy compact overlay can offer a high degree of stability for the head, neck and shoulders by using the popular S-Frame masks. Its compact design and various accessories make this board easy-to-use and most cost-effective S-Frame board on the market. The board can be easily and steadily mounted on a treatment couch and S-Frame masks can be easily taken off by the design of the raised docking parts.

    Compact Type-S Overlay

    We recognize the challenges faced by clinicians for accurate, comfortable positioning and immobilization for pediatric and thin patients.
    Therefore, # PPC-126 has additional four docking holes for accepting narrower large S-Frame masks
    # PSDC-44 for better immobilization for cranial treatments without the problems caused by tenting effects.

    Compact Type-S Overlay

    This board has alignment ruled edge which makes it ideal for head, neck and shoulder immobilization with maximum reproducibility. The push and pull docking system also help cast production and daily treatments to proceed in an efficient way. In addition, almost all S-frame Masks on the market can be used without problem.

    Compact Type-S Overlay

    Two built-in handles and shorter board length help operation and ease of storage. In addition to using with most commercialized lock bars to mount on various treatment and imaging couches for IPPS™ (Indexing Patient Position System) Technique, this board comes with four back pegs for quick-setting on Varian Exact couch.

    Compact Type-S Overlay

    #PPC-126-BCP      Bar Cushion Positioner
    #PPC-126-SCP      Square Cushion Positioner
    # PPC-126 is ideal to use along with # SPC-VR @5 Shim Plate with V-shaped Recess to produce custom pillows made of water-curing MoldCare™, two-part foaming agents or small Type-S vacuum bags as shown left. Bar and Square Cushion Positioners can be used while using # SPC-GR @5 Shim Plate with Gird Recess on the head module to fix the posterior cushions.

    Shoulder Suppression Fixer

    #PPC-126-SSF      Shoulder Suppression Fixer   (Two rails with scale from "A" to "F")
    #PPC-126-SSA      Shoulder Suppression Attachment   (Rails scaled from "A" to "J")
    The shoulder suppression fixers are designed to enhance the benefits of the Type-S fixation board while using small S-Frame masks for cranial treatments. # PPC-126-SSF can easily move forwards and backwards on the rails scaled from "A" to "F" to capture patients' shoulders out of treatment field. The padded positioners can be adjusted vertically ( level from # 1 to # 7 ) and laterally (left, central and right position) as well for different treatment needs. # PPC-126-SSA shoulder suppression attachment can help users to mount onto the built-in the 4.8mm locating pins and can be dismissed from the baseplate in seconds.

    Variable Axis Baseplate

    # PPC-126-VAB      Variable Axis Baseplate
    This variable axis baseplate can integrate with Type-S boards to provide a tilting movement with patient fixation in the prone, supine and lateral positions. The variable axis design allows for natural head and neck movement during patient set-up possible. This board can accommodate popular TIMO pillows and # TIMO-PP prone pillow with the use of shims and small S-Frame masks.

    Mold Maker

    # MMR-102      Mold Maker
    This mold maker is designed for molding posterior cushions to avoid collision with the thermoplastic frame when pulling the patient cast. It can hold the head/shoulders cushions of VacBag, Moldcare™ and two-part foaming agent within the confines of Type-S mask / frame profile during molding of the cushion. After the cushion is formed, the retainer is removed prior to pulling the masks over the patient. Two built-in handles make daily operations easily.