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    Lock Bars

    # LBC-3S shown with # PPR-101
    Most of our Lock Bars are made of carbon fiber for light weight and long lifetime. All indexed couchtops feature an array of indexing points running down the side of the couchtop, each spaced 7cm or 14cm apart. Every our lock bar features two pins that can interface with the 2 holes on most commercialized fixation devices. Therapists can use them secure various positioning devices to different imaging/treatment couches to increase target accuracy and patient throughput. Custom lock bars are available upon request.      


    RayStraps™ can accommodate any patients and is strong enough for the strapping job. The entire strap is double-sided loop material, so the hook can securely close on any area on either side.
    Simply shorten the straps to accommodate the smaller patient by cinching up the side rail ends of the 2-piece side rail set. Loosen the cinch for the larger patient. To permanently shorten a strap, just scissor-trim the blue hook material. Side-rail type fits 24" to 30" table.

    # RSR-2x47    RayStrap, 2-Piece Side Rail Hold, W: 2" x L: 47"~76"
    # RSR-3x47    RayStrap, 2-Piece Side Rail Hold, W: 3" x L: 47"~76"
    # RSR-4x47    RayStrap, 2-Piece Side Rail Hold, W: 4" x L: 47"~76"
    # RSR-4x76    RayStrap, 2-Piece Side Rail Hold, W: 4" x L: 76"~108"
    # RSR-6x47    RayStrap, 2-Piece Side Rail Hold, W: 6" x L: 47"~76"


    # RSR-22x72     RayShifter™
    This universal rigid plastic shifter slides easily on a bed sheet or stretcher pad in order to help patients from bed to stretcher to table. Slippery coating keeps the patient from sticking to the mover and shields against static buildup. No more wrenching pulls due to its thin, warp-resistant, smooth and convenient built-in handles. Measurements: 3/16" thickness x 22” width x 72" length. Weight: about 9 lbs.


    # RSR-53x90     RayShifter™  Small (Semi-rigid)    
    # RSR-53x180   RayShifter™  Large (Semi-rigid & Foldable)
    RayShifter™ can slide easily on a stretcher pad to help patients from stretcher to table. The heavy-duty plastic covers can keep the patients from sticking to the mover and shields against static buildup. The built-in metal handles also make it easy to carry and transfer.
    The large Rayshifter with gross weight 3kgs and sizes 53cm x 180cm when extended for use and can be folded into half one.

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