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# AEP-1001     Work Environment Activity
Work samples are usually to standardize and establish the norms of the mental or physical disabilities from finding the characteristics or duties of the jobs based on occupational classification system. Its content and method is close to the real situation; thus, it is able to understand the subjects' work abilities to relative position in the appropriate group, and also to observe their learning attitudes, interests, work habits and social skills in the real process.
The working samples include Cleaning Job Sample, Supermarket Sample, Baking & Cooking Sample, Assembly Sample.

1. Cleaning Job Sample : See whether the subject can lift up, parallel, stoop, squat down and also maintain balance when wiping on the step ladder.
2. Supermarket Sample : Evaluate the ability of the subject to identify, take out and place the merchandises correctly upon on oral or paper instruction, and to identify, calculate and record the prices of merchandises.
3. Baking & Cooking Sample :
Dough Cutting Sample : Evaluate the performance of the subject's abilities on kneading, cutting, measuring, weighting the dough and encase the fillings under simulating scene.
Meal making Sample : Evaluate the subject's ability of meal making, dish decoration, and packaging capacity according to pictures or written instructions in the simulated situation.
4. Assembly Sample :
Bead Sorting Sample : Evaluate the subject's color distinction, spatial concepts, finger and hand dexterity, bagging abilities.
Bead Bagging Sample : Evaluate the subject's simple language concepts, number concepts, spatial concepts, graphic perception, action coordination, finger and hand dexterity, color discrimination.
Bead Packing Sample : Evaluate the subject's capabilities of text, color distinction, space concept, graphic perception, finger and hand dexterity and cooperation.      

# AEP-1002     Jacobs Prevocational Skills Assessment
Jacobs Prevocational Skills Assessment is suitable for the cases of learning disabilities, including intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, sensory integration disorders, physical disabilities or other brain injuries, used in different capacity disorders to make appropriate adjustments to meet the needs of the therapists, teachers and counselors.
Include 14 items : Quality control, Mail sorting, Carpentry assembly, Classification, Office work, Factory work, Environmental Mobility, Money concepts, Functional banking, Time concepts, Work attitudes, Body scheme, Leather assembly, Food preparation.
Assesses work-related skills according to the observations and activity analysis in 14 major areas:

1. Physical capacities : fine motor coordination, eye-hand coordination, motor planning, use of tools.
2. Work behaviors : task focus, ability to follow verbal, written, or visual directions, organizational skills, decision making.
3. Work aptitudes : sorting, attention to detail, classification sequencing, problem solving, practical daily living knowledge.    

# AEP-1003-DTR      Dementia Therapy Resource Kit

Dementia Therapy Resource Kit contains 10 complete resources to help occupational therapists get started providing dementia therapy services.
• Activity Planning Book
• Dementia Capable Care – A Best Abilities Approach DVD
• Allen Battery Training DVD
• Cognitive Assessment Tool Guide
• Occupational Therapy Treatment Goals for the Physically and Cognitively Disabled book
• Understanding Cognitive Performance Modes book
• Allen Diagnostic Module Canvas Placemat
• Large Allen Cognitive Level Screen tool
• Allen Cognitive Level Screen-5 Manual
• Allen Trifold Scoring Card

# AEP-1003-ADM     Allen Diagnostic Module
Allen Diagnostic Module contains 6 resources to help occupational therapists get started providing the cognitive disabilities model services.
• Understanding Cognitive Performance Modes book
• Occupational Therapy Treatment Goals for the Physically and Cognitively Disabled book
• Allen Diagnostic Module Instruction Manual, 2nd Ed.
• Structures of the Cognitive Performance Modes.
• Allen Trifold Scoring Card
• Administering the ACLS (Allen Cognitive Level Screen) DVD

# AEP-1003-SS    Standard Test (9.5 cm x 12.0 cm)
# AEP-1003-LS     Large Test (14.6 cm x 17.8 cm)
Allen cognitive Level Test is a standardized screening tool to establish a baseline of cognitive function. Consists of directions for giving and scoring the test and the leather lacing project used in test administration. Select the large test for the vision impaired.

# AEP-1004     Box and Block Test
Portable version of the standardized test of manual dexterity. Provides a baseline for upper extremity manual dexterity and gross motor coordination.
Quick and simple to administer
Suitable for persons with low intelligence and/or limited manual dexterity
Complete with 150 color wooden blocks that are 1" (2.54cm) square
Closable box for easy portability and storage

# AEP-1005     Action Research Arm Test
Includes 1 carrying case, 4 wooden blocks, 1 cricket ball, 2 alloy tubes, washer and bolt, 2 glasses, 1 marble, 1 ball bearing, 1 sharpening stone, 1 tin lid.

# AEP-1006     DLOTCA      # AEP-1007     DLOTCA-G
DLOTCA and DLOTCA-G (geriatric version) are a series of cognitive tests that enable a therapist to evaluate clients with neurological deficits in order to obtain a detailed cognitive profile, enabling intervention planning for management and maintenance. Both assessments build off the research used to develop the original LOTCA™ series and incorporate a dynamic component providing the ability to measure learning potential and recognize thinking strategies through the use of mediation. In addition, they enable the therapist to identify the level of awareness the client has to his/her condition and cognitive disability.
DLOTCA is designed to be used with clients aged 18-69 years old. It consists of 28 subtests in 7 cognitive areas: Orientation, Awareness, Visual Perception, Spatial Perception, Praxis, Visuomotor Construction and Thinking Operations.
DLOTCA-G is intended for evaluation of clients aged 70 and over. It consists of 28 subtests in 8 cognitive areas: Orientation, Awareness, Visual Perception, Spatial Perception, Praxis, Visuomotor Construction, Thinking Operations and Memory.

# AEP-1008     Purdue Pegboard Test
Measures two types of activities: one for gross movement of hands, fingers, and arms, the other involving fingertip dexterity. Includes 55 pins, 45 washers, 25 collars, complete manual with instructions, Quick Reference Guide, normative data and 25 record blanks.

# AEP-1009     Minnesota Manual Dexterity Test
The Minnesota Manual Dexterity Set tests the ability for simple but rapid hand and eye coordination with moving, placing and turning small cylinders on a board. The dexterity tests can be carried out with one or two hands. Testing unilateral or bilateral movements.
The Minnesota Manual Dexterity Test Set comes with an instruction manual including : Norms, 60 cylinders, Board, Carrying storage case, Includes 50 record blanks.

# AEP-1010     Functional Capacity Evaluation
Include :
ladders, weight training car, sand tank set, training shelf, ruler, lifting box, screwdriver set, weight box for sand tank.      

# AEP-1011     Jamar Hydraulic Hand Evaluation Kit

Jamar Hydraulic Hand Evaluation Kit includes 3 tools, which can measure users’ grip strength, pinch strength, and finger joint range of motion.

(1) # AEP-1011A Jamar Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer
(2) # AEP-1011B Jamar Hydraulic Pinch Gauge
(3) # AEP-1011C Jamar Stainless-Steel Finger Goniometers

# AEP-1011A     Jamar Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer

The Jamar Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer is a standard tool of measuring hand function. Its handle with five adjustable grip positions can meet the needs of different users in the evaluation of grip strength from 0 to 200 Ibs (0 to 90 kg). It helps the therapist follow up the users’ muscle strength and recovery.

# AEP-1011B     Jamar Hydraulic Pinch Gauge

The Jamar Hydraulic Pinch Gauge allows the client to perform a true pinch strength test with the assistance of the therapist. This product includes a red indicator needle that gives an accurate reading of the test and measure pinch force up to 45 lbs (20 kg).

# AEP-1011C     Jamar Stainless-Steel Finger Goniometers

The Jamar Stainless-Steel Finger Goniometers is 15 cm long, and it can measure 0 degrees to 150 degrees in 5-degree increments. This product is suitable and easily for measuring the range of motion in the metacarpal, phalangeal, and inter-phalangeal joints finger joints. It has linear inch and centimeter markings on both sides of protractor in opposite directions.

# AEP-1012     Jamar Plus Hands Evaluation Kit

Jamar Plus Hands Evaluation Kit includes 3 tools, which can measure users’ grip strength, pinch strength, and finger joint range of motion.

(1) # AEP-1012A Jamar Plus+ Digital Hand Dynamometer
(2) # AEP-1012B Jamar Digital Pinch Gauge
(3) # AEP-1011C Jamar Stainless-Steel Finger Goniometers

# AEP-1012A     Jamar Plus+ Digital Hand Dynamometer

The Jamar Plus+ Digital Hand Dynamometer Jamar has the LCD screen, which makes it easier to read users’ grip strength and save time comparing to a hydraulic dynamo-meter. This product can calculate averages, standard deviations, and coefficient of variation automatically. Measurement range of grip strength test is from 0 to 200 Ibs (0 to 90 kg).

# AEP-1012B     Jamar Digital Pinch Gauge

The Jamar Digital Pinch Gauge has an easy-to-read LCD display and features an electronic zero calibration system. This product can store up to 99 readings accurately and its pinch strength test maximum is 60 Ibs (27 kg)。

# AEP-1013      Hydraulic Push / Pull Dynamometer
Includes: Swivel hook, Oval snap hook, Dynamometer
# AEP-1013A    Digital: 45 / 115 / 225 kg
# AEP-1013B    Analog: 115 / 225 kg

# AEP-1014      Hot and Cold Discrimination Kit
Includes: Two probes each for hot and cold temperatures, and a thermometer to determine water temperature. Available in Celsius and Fahrenheit options.

# AEP-1015      Sensory Evaluators

# AEP-1015A    Hand Kit (5 pcs)
# AEP-1015B    Foot Kit (6 pcs)
# AEP-1015C    Full Kit (20 pcs)
Desc: Provides objective data for precise reporting of sensory innervation levels and changes over time.

# AEP-1016      Hand Function Test
Includes: Activity board (28 x 103cm), 50 blank recording forms, instructions, and a cotton duck carrying bag, paper clips, cans, pencils, and all of the necessary objects for testing

# AEP-1017      DTVP-3
Includes: Manual, picture book, response booklets, examiner record booklets, template and storage box.

# AEP-1018      TVPS-4
Includes: Manual, test plates, and 25 record forms

# AEP-1019      MVPT-4
Includes: Manual, Test Plates, Record Forms

# AEP-1020      BOTMP
Includes: Manual, fine and gross motor supplement manual, administration easel, record forms, examinee booklets, training video, scoring transparency, balance beam, blocks with string, penny box, penny pad, etc.

# AEP-1021      MABC-2
Includes: Examiners manual, intervention manual, full set of manipulatives, Age Band 1, 2 and 3 record forms and checklists with instructions, in a trolley backpack

# AEP-1022      PDMS-2
Includes: Examiner's manual, guide to item administration, picture book, profile/summary forms, examiner record booklets, the Peabody motor activities program manual, a black and white Peabody motor development chart, a shape cards/BLM kit, object kit

# AEP-1023      DOTCA-Ch Battery
Includes: 22 sub-tests in 5 cognitive areas: orientation, spatial perception, praxis, visuomotor construction and thinking operations.

# AEP-1024      Visual-Motor Integration
Includes: manual, full forms, short forms, visual perception forms, and motor coordination forms

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